Our company specializes in developing jack, hydraulic cylinder, hydraulic pump and other hydraulic products, and by the Japanese shareholders and National  Chung Cheng University in the design, manufacture, quality inspection techniques,
specializing in jack, hydraulic cylinder / pump and other kinds of machines design, manufacture, assembly contractor.

We have a complete process specification and technology products for the hydraulic system and the post-production industry before, such as product design, manufacture, assembly, OEM, and all kinds of inspection. Per customer requirements develop all kinds of machinery products, the main products include hand pumps, pneumatic jacks, pneumatic pumps, mobile trolleys, hydraulic cylinder, horizontal jack, claw jack, aluminum jack, scissor jack, mechanical parts, hydraulic cylinder and other hydraulic products.

We have R & D center set up at Chung Cheng University, we have 472 doctoral and research and development center at the school experiment,, develop all kinds of products per customer requirements, please e-mail contact the various new product development, create more The product advantages and opportunities.!
Product Description
Hydraulic jack Horizontal Jack Air hydraulic jack Long Ram Jack
Wedge jack Toe Jack Scissors Jack OSAKA Sales agent
Air Pump Hand Pump Speed Rollers  
Aluminum Cylinder Automotive special tools    

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